Delightful Daisy to Gerbera!


…heralds the start of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and I am enjoying the brand new Stampin’ Up! Delightful Daisy suite  –  creating a variety of cards and home decor mini projects. Even the new “Faceted gems” are delightful as they have such depth to them and glimmer at any angle, adding sparkle and depth to the beautiful delightful daisy blooms with their white frills. The fun doesn’t stop here. Daisy Delight Stamp Set and the Daisy Punch have a remarkable ability to also be transformed into vividly coloured Gerbera – which are bright and cheerful daisy-like flowers.

Delightful Daisies

Did you know one of the  species of gerbera flowers are sometimes called African Daisies.  It is also believe it or not, the fifth most used cut flower in the world (after rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, and tulip). The African variety also called Barbeton daisies, given my part African descent, makes the Delightful Daisy product suite even more delightful for me!  Doesn’t this picture just remind you of hot African sun with the various bright, deep shades of orange and rich yellow? How stunning and rich are these colours, including the contrasting backdrop of green leaves? Nature is simply incredible in the colour palette it displays.

What can you create using this bundle?

I love using various images from nature to often inspire the creations I make….and so today I thought I would share a few cards that are the result. In typical Stampin’ Up! style, I have also “case-d” one of them and adjusted it slightly (and if you don’t know what to “case” means….it stands for being able to Copy and Share Everything).    Daisy Suite            Daisy Suite

Now I wonder if I can create a picture frame box filled with a bunch of Delightful Daisy …oops, correction, African daisies? So, it’s back to the craft table then!  Be sure to check my blog again soon and discover more of my summer escapades. I would love to see some of the creations you are making this summer! Why not share a picture of how you have been inspired this summer? You can also add a comment and share with me where you find your inspiration. If you want to try some of these beautiful products, you can find these here…

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